Kristina Ong Arnold (née Evans) is a Filipino-American Motion Picture Editor & Filmmaker based in the south of Seattle, WA.

She and her husband, Jeremy, are co-founders of Skyak Productions.

. . .

As an indie filmmaker, I often take the role of director and cinematographer. These days, many of my projects have been in post-production. Although I am based in a town south of Seattle, Washington, I'm available to work locally or remotely on film/video projects be it corporate videos, promotional marketing videos, documentary films, short narratives, experimental films, and the like.

I enjoy collaborating with others and as well as experimenting with various styles and techniques and I suppose that is what makes my work unique.

“For me, it’s all about capturing the moment and sharing beautiful cinematic experiences that resonate life”

-Danny Cooke


2019 - 2022

Rooted, Editor

For Us, Editor

The Third Path, Documentary-Narrative, Editor/Sound Designer

Oro Five EP. A, Golden Bricks Events, Editor

Townhall Promotional Video, Dear Asian Youth, Co-Editor

Sundaes Outside: A Celebration of Black Activism, Golden Bricks Events, Editor

Refuge Outdoor Festival, Editor

Ask A Recruiter, DOP/Editor

Story of York, Golden Bricks Events, Editor

Regine Dynasty, Golden Bricks Events, Editor

DJ Rosethrow, Golden Bricks Events, Editor

Staffing Agency Hiring Process, Logic Staffing, DOP/Editor

2008 - 2018

Zen Fitness and the Art of Zombies, DOP/Editor

Alexx Finding Home, Documentary, Editor

Chico International Film Festival, DOP/Editor

Bad News, Colchester Film Fest 60 Hour Challenge, DOP/Editor

FlatOut Flatbread Commercial, PA

Beat Primal, Other Lives, DOP/Editor

Culinary Beats, Back Roads Entertainment LLC, PA

Fog, AFI Directing Women’s Workshop, 2nd AC

Aka Amber, AFI, Key PA

Hope Less Romantics, Make Out Monday, PA

Cowboy Kill Club, Stretch Media, Editor

Luwas, One World Productions, Editor

Behind the Scenes: Fashion Frontline, Editor

Unod, Skyak Productions, DOP/Editor

Crimson City, Skyak Productions, DOP/Editor

Confidence Camp, 100 Hour Film Challenge, DOP/Editor

Kalinaw, DOP

Sunog, DOP

All in Good Time, Director

Tiny Boxes, DOP/Editor

Phonograph, 48 Hour Film Challenge, DOP/Editor

Native Century, Katahdin Productions, PA

Insanity, DOP/Editor